Sump Pump Parts Repair & Replacement in Your Local Area

A properly functioning sump pump is intended to keep water out of your basement. But the sump pump installed at your property includes some valuable parts such as switch kit, check valve, water level alarm, float switch, battery backup, and more. If any of these sump pump parts fail, so does your sump pump.

For reliable, professional sump pump parts repair and replacement, turn to the My Basement Pros nationwide network of waterproofing and sump pump experts. We assist connect customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia with sump pump repair and maintenance, installation, and replacement.

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Repairing sump pump parts

Sump Pump Parts Repair Issues | Call My Basement Pros in Your Local Area

Sump pump parts repair problems that should prompt a call to My Basement Pros include:

  • Worn-out pumps: A sump pump that is overused might burn out and suffer significant damage. It can also malfunction due to a jammed or broken float switch. A pump's failure to function might also be caused by defective parts or materials.
  • Power loss: In addition to issues with internal parts, a broken circuit breaker might result in a power outage. You can begin troubleshooting from there as the pump might have disconnected itself unintentionally.
  • Clogged sump system: A sump pump's intake is prone to being blocked. If this occurs, the pump won't be able to transport the water outside of your house from the sump pit. Discharge pipes may become clogged with pebbles, mud, garbage, or even tree roots.

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