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In times of extreme weather, the groundwater level may rise to the point that water can seep into your home. Pool of water near your foundation or malfunctioning gutters can cause weatherproofing or seeping issues in your basement or under foundations.

Sump pits are essential for keeping your basement dry because they collect excess water for removal by a sump pump. These sump pits tend to fail due to power outages, improper pit size, faulty installation, lack of maintenance, clogged or frozen discharge lines, and more. My Basement Pros is a network of highly qualified sump pit repair and maintenance providers in your local area. Our providers deliver solutions, best results, service and total satisfaction.

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Why My Basement Pros For Sump Pit Repair & Maintenance?

Repairing sump-pump pit

Installing a sump pit and sump pump together is one of the most reliable methods of protecting your home, basement or foundation from water damage. Proper system maintenance increases sump pump system efficiency and time it lasts.

Sump pit repair and maintenance are essential, because organic material, oil, and sediment cause sump pit clogging. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep it clear of leaves, clippings, dirt and other debris.

After any flood, overflow, or backup, a My Basement Pros provider will inspect for sufficient function and make any necessary recommendations. Sump pits and filter fabric can require unclogging, or your sump pit drying well could require maintenance or replacement.

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My Basement Pros is a vast network of local, basement waterproofing providers across the country. We assist customers with sump pit repair and maintenance, sump pump repair and maintenancesump pump installation, sump pump replacement, sump pump power supply repair, and more related options.

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