Sump Pit Repair & Maintenance Service

In times of extreme weather, the groundwater level may rise to the point that water can seep into your house. Pool of water around the foundation or malfunctioning gutters can potentially cause moisture-related difficulties in the basement of your property. That's why sump pits are essential for keeping your basement dry because they collect excess water before the sump pump removes it. But these sump pits tend to fail due to power outages. improper pit size, faulty installation, lack of maintenance, clogged or frozen discharge lines and more. My Basement Pros has qualified contractors around your local area who can offer you the right sump pit repair & maintenance solutions.

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Why Is Sump Pit Repair & Maintenance Important?

The number of flooding incidents in the United States is increasing. And installing a sump pit and sump pump together is one of the finest ways to protect your house. Proper system maintenance increases the system's efficiency and service life. The following key factors make sump pit maintenance and repair essential:

Organic material, oil, and sediment buildup over time can cause the pit to get clogged. Because of this, you must regularly clean and maintain it to get leaves and clippings from the surface.

After every flood incident, you must check the pit to ensure it is functioning properly. Clean it if the pit and filter fabric are both clogged with debris. The drying well may occasionally need to be taken out and replaced with a new one.

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