Frozen Discharge Lines in Crawl Space

Discharge lines are crucial in flowing the water outside of the crawl space from the sump pump. However, if it is frozen, then the water cannot get outside and cause flooding in the crawl space. Waterproofing contributes a huge role here. Not waterproofing the crawl space leads to moisture buildup and the sump pump to pump more water which can lead to the discharge line being frozen.

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installed crawl space frozen discharge line

Signs and Symptoms of Frozen Discharge Lines in Crawl Spaces

  • Sump pump running continuously without water being discharged
  • Water accumulation around the sump pump or in the crawl space
  • Visible ice buildup around the discharge line
  • Reduced water pressure or no water coming from the discharge line
  • Unusual sounds coming from the sump pump or discharge line
  • Strong odors coming from the crawl space or basement
  • Mold growth or pest infestation in the crawl space
  • Increased humidity levels in the home.

Why Crawl Space Frozen Discharge Lines are A Major Concern

Frozen Discharge Lines in the crawl space can lead to water backup and flooding in the crawl space or basement, causing significant water damage to the structure of the house and potentially leading to mold growth and pest infestation. This is why waterproofing is essential, and My Basement Pros has the service providers to give it to you. With the latest tools and methods, they are here to offer the best service. Some of the popular services they provide for crawl space issues are:

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