Waterproof The Concrete Block Basement

A concrete block is a building block made entirely of concrete and joined with mortar to create a strong, long-lasting structure. Depending on the specifics, these concrete blocks can be solid or hollow, made of regular or lightweight concrete, and available in a variety of sizes. These walls can get dampened, wet, saggy and create an inhabitant for mold growth easily if not waterproofed. That's where a professional can help you out with the best solutions for your basements.

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waterproof concrete block

Why Concrete Blocks in The Basement Leaks?

Since mortar joints are present on both sides of the blocks, the basement walls made of these concrete blocks are inherently weak. The mortar between two bricks or stones often develops tiny hairline cracks over time.

This is mostly the result of the soil expanding and contracting in response to fluctuations in the levels of soil moisture. The excessive water content in the soil causes a direct rise in the soil's capacity, which in turn causes an increase in the soil's pressure on the fractured mortar joints. That's why waterproofing your basement becomes necessary. 

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