Basement Subfloors Installation

Have you ever thought of transforming your basement into a warm and cozy space? Well, you can do that with subfloor installation in your basement. Moreover, with a subfloor, you will be able to install any basement floor finishing you want.

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Why Install Subfloors in the Basement?

Moisture Barrier: A subfloor works as a barrier and protects your finished floor from damage.

Thermal Break: The nature of concrete is cold and unpleasant. However, with a subfloor, you can feel a warm and comfortable floor.

Leveling Agent: Sometimes the surface might get uneven due to slab or flood. The subfloor will ensure a smooth and even floor.

Soundproof: The foam-based panel helps you to have a soundproof room.

Types of Basement Subfloor Panels

Plastic Bottom Panels: Provides great moisture resistance, is durable, and easy to install.

Foam Bottom Panels: It add warmth while preventing moisture issues.

Foam Only Panels: Light weighted,foam-bottomed panels, without the OSB. Ensures a good seal and maximizes warmth and soundproofing.

Uncoupling Membrane: Control moisture issues in the basement along with providing cracks in the finished floor.

Basement Subfloor Consideration

It's better to consider a few things before installing a subfloor in your basement. That includes:

Moisture: If your basement is prone to moisture issues then you should install a subfloor through a professional.

Temperature: Basement floors are naturally cold and damp. This makes this place uninviting. You can transform this place with subfloor installation.

Height: If the height is significantly low then installing a subfloor might lead to height loss. Consider the thickness of the subfloor.

Choosing the Right Basement Subfloor Panels

The subfloor panel types depend on many things like your cost preferences, the types of finish you want, and so on. However, for the cheapest and fastest installation foam only a panel can be a great option. They are easy to install and work effectively. However, floating floors work best with these materials.

As for a finished flooring look plastic bottomed and foam bottomed OSB panels are a good option. However, the small panel might lead to a slow installation. To make more informed decisions rely on a professional for detailed information.

Other Basement Finishing Options

Basement finishing will increase your living space. This will allow you to have an extra room where you can do your business or create your personal space there. At My Basement Pros, we work with a list of contractors who can help you with:

Cost of Subfloor Installation

The cost of subfloor installation varies based on the size of your basement, the type of panel you are installing, and the condition of your basement. It's better to talk to a professional to have better knowledge about the cost. A professional will do an initial inspection t your place and knowing your preferences they will provide you with a cost.

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