Prevent Frozen Discharge Lines in Your Local Region

The core of any interior waterproofing system is the water removal pump. Anything that keeps it from functioning properly could cause water to get into the basement. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the discharge lines in their homes do not freeze throughout the winter.
Even if it freezes, necessary action should be taken immediately.

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Signes your Discharge Lines are Freezing

If you find the following signs then you should check whether your house’s discharge line become frozen or not_

  • Damp or flooded walls and ceilings.
  • Outside, there are puddles and sinkholes for no apparent reason.
  • Gurgling noises in your sewer system.
  • The drainage system emits offensive odors.
  • There's frost on the pipes.
  • There is no water coming out of any of the faucets.

Why need to Prevent the Discharge Line from Freezing?

The discharge line is the pipe that leads the water away from the house. It comes from the water removal pump(sump pump). If the drain line freezes, the water removal pump will run, but the water level in the sump pit will never go down. If the pump keeps running all the time, it will wear out.

When the drainage pipe's end becomes clogged or blocked with ice, the drained water from the water removal pit backs up. Excess snowmelt and rainwater collect inside your home and around your foundation instead of draining safely away from your home.

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