Secondary Sump Pump Installation in Your Local Area

Each sump pit requires at least two pumps, a primary and a backup, whether it's a battery backup or a secondary pump for your overall sump system. If your primary sump pump can't adequately redirect water required, your secondary sump pump should be able to take over simultaneously.

Secondary sump pumps can be the solution for heavy water volume, motor failure or other primary pump technical issues. For secondary sump pump installation, turn to the nationwide My Basement Pros network of waterproofing and sump pump professionals. We'll connect you to the right provider for sump pump installation and service in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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My Basement Pros Providers Are Your Secondary Sump Pump Experts

Rely on the superior network at My Basement Pros when it's time to install a secondary sump pump. Our installation experts take into account the following:

Sump pump installation
  • No surprises underneath: Our providers identify anything below your concrete surface before breaking through with a jackhammer. A collision with the home's main water supply or outgoing sewer line won't be an issue.

  • Secondary pump reliability: The right secondary sump pump will do the work redirecting water if those circumstances dictate. Your secondary pump is designed to kick in as the new primary pump when the latter can redirect no more water or handle the overall volume. Your system will be fitted with the appropriate secondary pump that takes the load off your overworked primary.

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