Secondary Pumps Installation for Sump Pumps in Your Property

Each sump pit requires at least two pumps, a primary and a backup, whether it's a battery backup or a secondary pump for the sump pump installed in your property. You may have peace of mind knowing that if the primary sump pump cannot handle the water flow and then becomes overloaded, the secondary sump pump will take over and operate simultaneously. Additionally, a second pump can be the answer if the water moves into the sump pump ranges from mild to heavy. In the case of a motor failure or other technical issue with the primary pump, this secondary pump can be really useful. So, the installation of secondary pump is necessary. To serve the purpose, My Basement Pros is associated with a large number of contractors, serving the people the United States with sump pump installation service.

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Key Rules to Make Sure The Secondary Sump Pump Installation Has Done Right!


Installation of a secondary sump pump is a tricky business. That's why, it is wise to leave it to the professionals. Yet, there are some major points you should keep in mind during the installation process:

  • Check to see what's underneath: Try to predict what could be below your concrete floor before breaking it through with a jackhammer. A collision with the home's main water supply or sewer pipe is dangerous.

  • Pick the correct type of secondary pump: You must have a secondary sump pump if your basement depends on it. By doing this, you may rest assured that the second pump will take over and operate simultaneously if the first pump gets overworked and unable to maintain the water flow.

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