Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost

Encapsulation is an effective technique to cut off moisture entry from your crawl space. By doing so your crawl space stays protected from mold, musty odor, pests, rodents, and water damage, and prevents it from degrading. However, before we usually make a purchase, we like to know the pricing information. This allows everyone to make a well-inform decision.

The cost for crawl space encapsulation varies on some factors like the condition, size, and foundation waterproofing of your crawl space. The healthier your crawl space is, the more affordable it gets to install encapsulation. Moreover, vapor barrier installation costs, crawl space dehumidifier costs, and insulation installation are also included. Continue reading to learn more.

crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost is Dependant On

Crawl Space Size: Basic crawl space encapsulation cost varies per square foot of space in your crawl space, while more extensive ones cost a higher.

Crawl Space Condition & Cleaning: If your crawl space is infested with molds, pests, and other moisture-related problems, expect to add more costs to the total value.

Crawl Space Prepping: Before encapsulation can be applied any crawl space damage must be repaired, and problems must be rectified.

Vapor Barrier Installation: A vapor barrier prevents moisture from entering the crawl space, and the price varies per square foot of vapor barrier used.

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The prices mentioned above may vary with the present condition of your basement. However, this gives you an overview of the prices involved in various steps of crawl space encapsulation. If you want encapsulation for your crawl space, the professionals here at My Basement Pros will try to provide the most affordable solutions. Give us a call at 844-406-0501 to find your local My Basement Pros contractor.