Sump Pump Battery Replacement Service

A relatively recent invention that is gaining popularity in recent times is the use of batteries in sump pumps. They may work without being linked to any external power sources because of these battery-powered sump pumps. They are therefore a fantastic alternative for areas that experience frequent blackouts. But every once in a while, keeping the batteries in proper checking is important. And for that, you need to check the sump pump's water level correctly. Therefore, if it requires sump pump replacement, doing it as soon as possible is the wise decision. My Basement Pros is all the way here to serve you with every sump pump related issues. We are a large network of service providers, offering sump pump repair & maintenance, replacement , and installation.

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How Often Should Your Sump Pump Battery Needs Replacement?

The thumb rule is, the batteries for your backup sump pump system should generally be changed every three to five years.

The ideal procedure is to periodically check the battery's water level. Additionally, you must wash the battery terminals at least 2 times a year. In order to maintain the complete kit functioning correctly, you should also plan on replacing the sump pump battery every five years or so.

Even in the event of a power outage, circuit breaker failure, or malfunction of your primary sump pump, a properly functioning sump pump battery guarantees that water is continuously moved out of your home during a crisis. That's the reason why you need a sump pump replacement at your earliest convenience.

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