Improvement of Crawl Space Air Quality

When your crawl space has excessive amounts of water and moisture, the stack effect will cause high humidity in your home. Crawl space air has high humidity and can contain mold spores that can be harmful to your family. If your home's HVAC unit is located in the crawl area, then contaminated air from the crawl space can simply be circulated throughout your home. That's why crawl space air quality needs to be improved.

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Crawl Space Effects On Your Home's Air Quality

The air quality in your home can suffer from the following if you have a crawl space__

  • Encourages the spread of mold
  • Affects the performance of the HVAC system
  • Causes a rise in indoor humidity
  • Produces an offensive odor in the house
  • Increase the risk of radon poisoning
  • Causes an influx of various pests
  • creates a stale atmosphere

Why Need Improvement of Crawl Space Air Quality?

Moisture levels, ventilation, and cleanliness are the three most important aspects of indoor air quality. The state of your crawl space is also affected by all three of these factors.

Moisture: Controlling moisture improves crawl space air quality first. Mold, fungi, wood rot, and pests can grow in damp crawl spaces. These concerns can harm air quality and health.

Ventilation: Without outside air, you can't have proper indoor air quality. When you burn food on the stove, they open windows and turn on the kitchen exhaust fan to rapidly remove the stink. This cleans the air. Apply this to your crawl space. Thus, to increase indoor air quality, replace it with fresh air.

Cleanliness: Crawl areas are dark and dusty. Crawl spaces should be well-maintained. Thus, check your crawl space and the surrounding region for water and moisture issues. The crawl area is typically ignored, but its condition affects your home's condition and air quality.

Improve Indoor Air Quality With My Basement Repair Pro

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