Types of Insulation for Crawl Space

Crawl space vents are access locations for both chilly winter air and summer humidity, both of which can put a strain on your home's utilities. You may reduce this loss on your utilities by sealing and insulating your crawl space, saving you money on your energy bills. You need the help of professionals to insulate your crawl space.

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Comparing Options For Crawl Space Insulation

Comparing Options For Crawl Space Insulation

There are four basic types of crawl space insulation. The followings are the basic types of crawl space insulation.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation: Fiberglass insulation is made of very fine glass fibers and is usually pink or yellow in color. This is the most traditional type of crawl space insulation, and it is typically installed between the crawl space "ceiling" floor joists. is made of glass fibers that are extremely fine.
Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation: When sprayed, this insulation expands to form an expanding foam. As it is applied, closed-cell spray foam creates a vapor barrier.
Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation: As it is sprayed, this insulation expands to form an expanding foam. Open-cell foam does not keep moisture out.
Rigid Foam Insulation: Rigid foam panels are made by shaping rigid foam insulation into stuff panels that are mounted on a crawl space's woos. Closed-cell insulation is commonly used in these panels.

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