Crawl Space Access Doors 

Crawl spaces are the subterranean spaces beneath buildings, and they are typically accessible by a door. Having an access door installed makes it much simpler to enter and exit your crawl area. This will allow you to respond faster to maintenance needs and emergencies like broken pipes or rodent infestations.

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Types of Crawl Space Doors

Exterior Crawl Space Doors: Crawl space exterior doors are the only way to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your crawl area. The majority of them are made out of PVC, stainless steel, or wood. Some of them are even watertight, and their durability is unparalleled.

Interior  Crawl Space Doors: Doors for the interior of a crawl space resemble external doors but are better suited for use from the interior of a building. Some are painted to match your walls, while others have a protective stain to enhance the wood's natural appearance. You can have them in the same variety of materials as standard outside crawl space doors.


Benefits of Crawl Space Doors

Cost savings: A crawl space door lowers moisture and humidity in your crawl space and home. Blocking wind and rain from your crawl area and foundation prevent pipe bursts and saves money on HVAC.

Reduces Moisture: These doors often have a strong, waterproof seal, which helps keep the crawl space dry. This seal keeps insects and spiders, including termites, out of your crawl space.

Improved Air Quality: Crawlspace air circulates throughout the property. Mold and mildew only thrive in damp circumstances, therefore minimizing moisture around your home's foundation will enhance its air quality.

Install Crawl Space Access Door with My Basement Repair Pro

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