Sump Pit Drainage System Installation

Sump pits are holes made specifically to collect water and other substances that have been unintentionally spilled. A basement is a classic place for a sump pit since it can wick water away and prevent flooding. A sump pump is installed in most pits and removes water from the pit on a regular basis to prevent flooding. To keep the system running well, it is necessary to do routine maintenance on both the pit and the pump.

My Basement Repair Pros is a company that can help you find trained professionals for your home to install a sump pump and sump pit. They also provide other moisture control services to prevent water damage to your home’s basement or crawl space. Whenever you need a sump pit installation service, or for more information, call 844-406-0501.


Sump Pit Drainage System

A sump pit, sump pump, and pump discharge pipe are the essential components of a sump pit drainage system. My Basement Repair Pros can assist you to find the best local contractor who is experienced and can help you with sump pit installation and maintenance.

Installation:Their top-notch sump pit installation process is as follows__

  • Using the discharge line, the pump will force the water to the outside of your home
  • In order to collect water from the weeping tiles around your basement, they'll dig a sump pit into the basement floor
  • Then, they’ll install the pipe that carries water away from your sump pump in a spot where it can be used productively, like a garden or a patch of grass

Maintenance:To keep the sump pit in good condition, they can clean it every year when it freezes over if you want. Small amounts of dirt, sand and other particles from the area around your basement can find their way into the excavation through the weeping tiles. If the pit has water in it for a long time, it will develop a musty odor. If so, they’ll flush the pit by adding fresh water until the pump takes out the old water.

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