Crawlspace Repair Costs in Your Area

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Cost of Crawl Space Repairs Simplified

How much does crawl space repair cost? Is it expensive? What are the processes that you would require to fix these problems? With the help of our expert team of professionals, we have prepared a guide to help you understand what impacts the cost of crawl space repair. We have broken down the main factors that influence the overall repair costs:

Crawlspace Repair Costs
  • 1. Square Footage

    The size of the workspace is the biggest determining factor for most crawl space repair projects. The higher the square footage is, the more the repairs will cost. This is because the square footage directly influences how much time and materials will be required to perform most repairs.

  • 2. Difficulty of Crawl Space

    Not all crawl spaces are equally easy to work in. If there is only 16” clearance from the ground to the floor joists, it can be quite difficult to move quickly. Since this slowed work pace directly impacts the labor cost, you can expect to pay more for a difficult crawl space than an easy one.

  • 3. Scope of Work

    Every home is different as well as every homeowners’ preferences. Some crawl space repairs require extensive work to eliminate problems, while some are quick and easy.

  • Example #1 – a 1,000 square foot crawl space with minimal moisture issues and a poor vapor barrier might only require a 6-mil vapor barrier. This simple repair could cost as low as $1200.
  • Example #2 – a 1,200 square foot crawl space, normal conditions, with high wood moisture content and some mold growth might justify a mold and fungal treatment as well as full 20-Mil Dry Space Encapsulation. This extensive project could cost around $7,500 including the crawl space cleaning, the dehumidifier, sealed foundation vents, wall insulation, electrical connections, and everything else involved.
  • Example #3 – a 1,800 square foot crawl space with 170 rotten floor joists, 29 sections of the beam, regular flooding, and extensive fungal growth could cost upwards of $20,000 for the structural repairs, water management solution, mold treatment, and crawl space moisture control.

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Assessing the Cost of Crawl Space Repair

Assessing the Cost of Your Crawl Space Repair

As you can now see, the cost of crawl space repair varies depending on the size of the crawl space, the difficulty of the work conditions, and the actual scope of work.
We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. For a precise cost of crawl space repair for your home, contact us today and we will send in one of our experts to inspect your property. Our expert inspection is free and we will only recommend options that address the problems that are important to you.

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