Stair Step Cracks Repair Services

Stair step cracks are one of the most unique and unusual sorts of cracks. Stair step cracks will resemble a step and will usually follow a path that is made up of the wall's weakest points—the gaps between bricks that are filled in with mortar. When a section of a wall runs down, it only takes the part right above it, and because bricks are not laid in a straight line, a step-like patch appears. Stair step cracks should be repaired immediately to avoid further damage.

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Stair Step Cracks Repair

Are stair-step cracks common?

The most common foundation fractures are stair-step cracks. These cracks are an indication of a faulty foundation. Bowing walls are the most common cause of stair-step cracks in a block foundation. These cracks are usually discovered near the foundation's corners and are often accompanied by a horizontal crack.

Stair-step cracks, like diagonal cracks, are caused by differential foundation movement. If the cracks are merely in the mortar joints between the bricks or blocks, they aren't problematic and can be remedied simply by reapplying mortar. A foundation expert can identify the actual reason for your basement's stair-step cracks. You should call at 844-406-0501 to get the best local contractors in your area.

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