Repair Foundation Walls by Professionals

Don't let your residential or business property collapse due to foundation issues. People often ignore foundation issues. However, it is the base of your building that holds the whole structure securely. But if there are any issues in the foundation or foundation wall it leaves you at great risk.

Why would you take the risk when you can solve the issues with My Basement Pros? Our experts are here to help you find the best professionals to fix your foundation issues. You can contact us now to ensure a safe future. Or else use our zip code to find your local contractor.


What Causes the Foundation Wall Problem?

Foundation wall damage can caused by many factors. Soil pressure, water infiltration, poor or faulty construction, and natural settling can cause the foundation walls to crack.

Moreover, natural disasters like earthquakes, heavy storms, or any extreme weather can damage the foundation walls. Sometimes, untreated water damage can also lead to foundation wall cracks.

How to Identify the Issues?

Some common and visible issues can help you to identify your foundation wall issues. That includes:

  • Visible horizontal or vertical Cracks in the wall
  • Bowing or bulging walls
  • Water seepage or dampness in the basement or crawl space
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Uneven floors above the basement
  • Gaps around the doors and windows

If you see any of these signs rely on a professional for an effective foundation repair solution. However, keep in mind that, these are not the only signs. If you suspect any foundation issues then rely on a professional for inspection.

Are All Foundation Cracks Serious?

Well, minor hairline cracks might not be that harmful initially. However, these cracks are the initial stage of major damage that is about to happen. Thus, whenever you see anything like that it's important to take quick action.

As for wider cracks more than 1/4 inch indicates serious issues that require immediate professional attention. Whether it's small or big act now to ensure a safe home.

Common Methods for Repairing Foundation Walls

Foundation wall repair can be done using multiple methods. However, the method varies based on the damage type and your wall system. Professionals know which method will be effective for your wall system. To repair your property, professionals use:

  • Sealants & Masonry Patches
  • Slabjacking Mudjacking
  • Piering
  • Underpinning
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Carbon Fiber Straps
  • Wall Anchors & More

How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?

The time duration depends on the damage extent and method that is used. Simple cracks might take a few hours to repair whereas extensive repair might take several days to weeks.

However, it's better to talk to a professional to know the specific period for restoration. You can fix your schedule based on that. You can also contact our experts to find the best local contractor with us.

Avoid Painting or Cementing on the Cracks

Painting or cementing the crack doesn't gonna solve the issue. It's more like hiding the issues instead of fixing them. It won't provide any support whatsoever. It also will lead to moisture penetration and eventually mold growth.

Moreover, the cracks will reappear anyway. It’s important to solve the issues from its root. Thus, it's better to seek help from qualified experts who can solve your issues effectively.

How to Prevent Future Foundation Wall Damage?

Maintain Proper Drainage: Based on your foundation or crawl space install a proper drainage system and maintain it.

Monitor Soil Moisture Level: Try to keep the soil moisture level consistent. Specially in summer use a soaker hose to keep the soil damp. It will prevent wall shrinkage.

Plant Trees Wisely: Plant the trees far away from your house. This will prevent future issues like clogging the drainage system, damaging the foundation wall through roots, and more.

Regular Inspection: Get your foundation inspected by a professional on time. It will address the foundation issues earlier with possible solutions.

Can Tree Roots Damage Your Foundation Walls?

Tree roots can potentially damage the walls of your foundation. If the tree roots manage to get inside small cracks they will grow thicker and cause severe damage. These roots can also cause soil shrinkage which can affect structural integrity. All these things can lead to bigger damage in the future. Better to put a root barrier to protect the area.

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