Hairline Cracks Repair

For a durable foundation, concrete is a one-stop solution. But sometimes, after building a concrete wall, hairline cracks may appear. This is a very common scenario. During the drying out process, these cracks seem to pop up. In some cases, these lines can be visible over months. However, water leakage line cracks are a very genuine reason for it. People may not see this as a bigger issue but the fact is, if you avoid such circumstances, it may affect the structural foundation. My Basement Repair Pro understands your trouble and is always here to help with everything. Our company is the legal distributor of the top listed contractors near your region.

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What are the processes of repairing the hairline cracks?

Whenever these cracks appear, the ideal solution would be to appoint a professional company who are experienced in this industry. They might follow the below steps while repairing the hairline cracks.

Thorough inspection:
Before starting any repair, a detailed investigation of the entire area is the foremost step. Gather all the traces of each crack appearance, determine the reasons, the depth of the cracks and then start the process.

Prepare for repairing:
Getting the wall prepared before the repair is important. Remove all the debris and dirt from the wall. If the cracks are broad enough, wash of the wall first and dry it out.

Start the repairing process:
The repair system is pretty comprehensive depending on how extensive the hairline cracks are. Apply primers or adhesive bonding materials and then patch the concrete up is included in the repairing process.

Seal the deal:
Lastly, when the patching up is done, waterproofing foundation wall is necessary. It works as a sealant and prevents further water leaks.

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