Wall Anchors for Repairing Bowing Walls

If you ever notice bowing, tilting or leaning wall on your property, it is an alarming sign that severe damage may cause to your property. That’s why repairing it as soon as possible is required. Here comes the wall anchoring system as an effective solution to correct the bowing walls. My Basement Repair Pro is the authorized dealer for local professional companies that are experts and experienced in this industry. All the contractors are extremely dedicated towards customer satisfaction.

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Advantages of Wall Anchor System for Repairing Bowing Walls

The main reasons for bowing walls are soil swelling around the property, hydrostatic pressure against the walls and extreme lateral pressure. But wall anchoring is an innovative solution for repairing the issue. The advantages are:

  • Takes minimal time for installation
  • Limit the disturbance to the lawn or landscaping area
  • Repair the bow and straighten the wall immediately with excavation
  • Failing foundation wall gets stopped forever
  • Prevent the extreme pressure on the wall without causing further structural damage
  • Works as a substitute for rebuilding basement walls
  • Cost-effective solution

Other Services Required to Protect Foundation | My Basement Repair Pro

Wall anchoring system is one of the best solutions for repairing the leaned basement walls. But there are other relevant services you might look for:

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