Waterproofing Helical Pile Foundation

Engineers prefer helical piles over others because these offer unparalleled safety along with precise compression capacity. These types of piles are hollow inside, the strong steel tubes give proper stability to the foundation. The helical piles are nailed into the ground deeply so that they can bear the heavy structural load. Waterproofing these piles is really necessary to protect your property structure from any water damage. My Basement Repair Pro is the authorized distributor of the local contractors for waterproofing helical piles.

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Benefits of Using Helical Piles instead of Others

Soil quality makes a major impact on making a stable property foundation. But using helical piles reassures you the safety of the entire building even on the slackened ground. The main reasons for using these piles are to create new foundations and to robust the weak foundation. These piles bring more benefits than other types.

  • Accelerate the installation process
  • Proven stability on loose or weak soil
  • Extreme load-bearing capacity
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Cost efficient

In-depth Property Solutions Offered by My Basement Repair Pro

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Protecting the piles is indeed necessary for keeping your property dry and safe from unwanted damages. My Basement Repair Pro can help you find the appropriate dealer as per your requirements. We are the distributor of professional companies, specialized in foundation piles or basement relevant services.

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