Waterproofing Property Piles Foundation

The property structure needs to have a strong foundation for better support. And for holding up the building properly, piles are pushed into the grounds that transmit all the loads to the lower surface. Waterproofing these piles is absolutely required because the superstructure depends on the pile foundation. Water damage, small leaks or even the slightest cracks may cause severe damage issues. Therefore, the structure constructed on the lower ground need to be waterproofed to keep your property dry. Reducing the humidity inside is necessary to protect against property damage.

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Know about Different Types of Pile Foundation | Choose The Best One

To increase the structural stability, foundation piling is necessary. There are various types of piles. You must have the proper knowledge about them and choose the suitable one to secure the property during storm waves or flooding.

Bored Pile Foundation

These are generally round and cylindrical, constructed of concrete. They are densely popular for high-traffic buildings. They have zero risk of soil heaving.

Driven Pile Foundation

Unlike bored piles, these driven pile foundations are widely used in areas with higher populations. These are very affordable and high-quality as well. To increase efficiency, off-site manufacturing is the best solution.

Micropile Foundation

These are used in limited access areas. For in-depth foundation support, these micropiles are quite suitable. You can construct them for new and existing buildings as well to increase the stability.

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