Crawl Space's Post & Pad Replacement

Inspect your crawl space to find out whether you have deteriorated concrete pads or not. If you are facing any issues like warped walls or floors it's time for you to consult with a professional immediately. Ignoring these issues or post & pad replacement can lead to serious structural issues.

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crawl space post and pad replacement

Signs You Need Post and Pad Replacement

Issues with your crawl space or post & pad replacement decrease the home values by up to 30%. Thus, it’s important to fix the problem as you as you find the following issues.

  • Sticky doors & windows
  • Walls or floor cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Sagging floor
  • Allergen issues
  • Leaning or cracked support posts
sticky door and window

Post and Pad Replacement Process

  • Inspection: A crawl space repair expert will inspect the crawl space to assess the damage and determine damage.
  • Support Installation: Temporary supports are installed to stabilize the structure while removing the damaged posts.
  • Post & Pad Replacement: The damaged posts and pad are removed and replaced with a new one.
  • Leveling and Adjustment: To ensure proper support for the structure the new posts are leveled and adjusted.
post and pad replacement

Benefits of Post and Padding Replacement

Post and padding replacement is needed so that you and your family members can live a healthy life. There are significant benefits that come along with post and padding replacement. Such as,

  • Prevent further damages
  • Ensure even load distribution
  • Increase property value
  • Safety ensures
  • Reduce tripping hazard
  • Reduce moisture issues
clean crawl space

Rely on Us to Find the Best Professional

We suggest you repair your crawl space issues through a professional as soon as possible. If you avoid your crawl space issues your home's condition and structural integrity will deteriorate over time. Moreover, repairing these issues will help you to have better indoor air quality. We have a list of local contractors who can solve your issues effectively.

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