Solution for Sticking Doors & Windows

If you are having difficulties in opening or closing your doors and windows then it's time for you to think about your foundation. The problem is not only about sticking doors and windows but it comes along with many challenges. It can deteriorate structural integrity over time.

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Signs that Indicate Crawl Space Issues

Sticky doors and windows don't always mean that you have foundation or crawl space issues. However, if you find the following signs you should immediately consult with a professional.

  • Concentrated Sticking
  • Cracks
  • Uneven Floors
  • Mold Growth

Importance of Immediate Action

Sinking Foundation: If the crawl space's soil is unstable or sinks unevenly it creates sagging and interior wall shift. This makes the door and window frames stick.

Deteriorating Crawl Space Support: Wooden beams can rot, crack, or loosen over time. This leads to saggy floors and warped walls. This uneven texture causes the doors and windows to stick.

Water Damage: Excessive moisture, leaks, or water damage can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and foundation problems. These issues can lead to warp, swell and eventually sticking.

Termites or Pests: Termites or pest infestation in crawl space can damage the wood and weaken the foundation support. This causes sagging and sticking doors and windows.

Take Action for Your Sticky Doors & Windows

If you suspect any crawl space issues or facing any foundation issues then consult with a professional for inspection. Professionals will address the issues immediately while providing an effective solution. This will prevent any sticking, jamming, or structural damage. Try to schedule an appointment at least once a year to ensure the better health of the crawl space. Pay attention to the symptoms that lead to more expensive repairs.

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