Sump Pump For New Construction

Many people don’t think they need a sump pump in their new construction. But for some people, not installing it in time can lead to heavy property damage. The sump pumps evacuate flooding or rainwater from the basement floor and dump it into the local storm drain or dry well.

Getting a sump pump installed is very important for new construction. Because sometimes it happens that in new construction, basement drain systems are not properly installed and flooding can happen. That’s why you are required to protect your new construction by installing a sump pump.

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Why Should You Install a Sump Pump?

sump pump installation and sump pump for new construction

Installing a sump pump for new construction is the most sensible step one can take to prevent flooding and subsequent water damage. Not installing a sump pump in time can result in:

  • The excessive flooding of the basement in a new construction area or site.
  • Foundation damage is due to the soil around the foundation expanding.
  • The accumulation of wastewater can result in a foul odor, a lack of hygiene, and pests.
  • The basement floor gradually erodes over time or immediately due to a lack of proper construction.

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