Sump Pump Float Switch Replacement And Repair Service

A sump pump float switch serves as a level sensor, alerting your pump to rising water levels in your sump pit. When the water level rises to a certain level, the float switch on a pump opens a circuit, allowing the pump to begin pumping water up and then out of the basement. Sump pump float switches need repair and replacement service if it goes bad.

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Types of Sump Pump Float Switches

The followings are the three float switch types that come with sump pumps.

Sump Pump Float Switches

Tethered Float Switches: A suspended float is used in tethered float switches. When there is a flood, the water causes the float to rise, which activates the switch.
Vertical Action Float Switches: This switch has a surface with a floating ball. When the water level rises, so does the ball. The switch is activated when the sump pit reaches a certain level. This will then start the sump pump immediately.
Diaphragm Floatless Switch: This is a very distinct model when compared to the other two switches. It is unique in that it does not float in any way. With this switch, the sump pump is sensitive to the water pressure in the area where it is installed. When the water level rises, so does the water pressure. This is indicated by the switch being curved or thinned inwards.

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