Push Piers Installation to Repair Foundation

Foundation settlement occurs due to many reasons. For example, poor soil compaction, earthquake, dry soil, unsuitable soil, etc., can be reasons for foundation settlement. Whatever the basis for a foundation settlementĀ is, it needs immediate attention, and only professionals with extensive foundation knowledge can solve this. One of the ways to repair foundation settlement is by installing push piers.

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Push Pier Vs. Helical Piers

Push Pier Vs. Helical Piers

Push piers are large tubes that are hydraulically shoved through a foundation bracket and into the ground until they can no longer be pushed beneath the foundation of a house. To drive or penetrate the pier into the earth, they employ the structure as a counterbalance.

Once all of the piers are in place, each is fitted with a hydraulic jack pump. The house is then raised to be as close to its original location as possible. The pier columns are then attached to brackets once this is completed. The disadvantage of this approach is that pressing the pier against your foundation can create severe stress and perhaps damage your foundation.

Helical piers are shafts that have helical plates on them, giving them the appearance of huge screws. They can be screwed into the ground rather than shoved because of their form. They're rotated into the ground hydraulically, with no force applied to your foundation, and a pressure sensor system indicates when the desired depth is reached.

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