Foundation Settlement Repair

A solid foundation ensures your structure's safety. Your property is vulnerable to structural damage if it lacks a good, secure foundation. That's why it is critical to look out for symptoms of foundation settlement. The early you can repair your foundation, the better.

My Basement Repair Pros' foundation repair specialists provide superior foundation settlement repair services for your house or company in your region when you need one. We have screened out foundation specialists from all over the place and made a wide range of networks for our customers to get the best one in their area. Click here to find the best local contractor from your area, and you may also call us at 844-406-0501 for more information!

Signs of Foundation Settlement

Signs of Foundation Settlement

There are some definite signs which tell you that you have a foundation settlement issue. Following are a few of the:

  • Poorly compacted soil- When preparing the ground for your home's foundation, most builders fill gaps with soil from another place. Before laying the foundation, builders flatten the earth with heavy machinery to ensure that it is sufficient for its weight. When the soil compaction is not done correctly, foundation settlement could occur.
  • Dry soil- The soil surrounding your foundation may dry out during the hot summer months. When clay soils dry, they shrink, leaving a vacuum between the structure and the soil. Your foundation settles due to this, which commonly results in structural damage.
  • Unsuitable soil for foundation- Some soil types are just wrong for building a foundation. When builders ignore the area's soil composition, foundation or differential settlement is likely to happen.
  • Moisture saturated soil- When the earth beneath the foundation is soaked with water, it is easy for the foundation to settle. Oversaturation of the ground due to severe rain, flooding, a plumbing leak, or a rising groundwater table might reduce its load-bearing ability.
  • Vibrations- Vibrations in the soil caused by earthquakes, trains, local structural construction, or even traffic can cause soils to settle or move unevenly. This may cause structural damage due to foundation settlement.

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