Sealing Vents of Crawl Space

Many homeowners are unaware that sealing vents or crawl spaces are critical for good health. Our crawl space provides the majority of the air we breathe. So, to maintain air healthy, we must correctly seal the crawl space vents; otherwise, we may experience a variety of health problems. Vents were traditionally necessary to allow air and moisture to leave the crawl space quickly. Allowing air to flow out of and into your crawl space freely has been confirmed to be detrimental to your home's internal air quality over time.

If you haven't shut the vents in your crawl space yet, don't put it off any longer; it will only hurt you and your HVAC system in the long run. So, to locate the finest local contractor from My Basement Pros in your region, click on the link. Call 844-406-0501 or click here to contact us online for more information!

Reason for Vent Sealing of Crawl Space

Sealing Vents of Crawl Space
  • Reduced Energy Costs- Cold air may seep into your crawl space vents in the winter, causing coldness. In addition to chilly surfaces, drafts can occur, necessitating additional heat to compensate for the cold. However, because you'll be using your heater more, your bill will rise as a result. But if you seal your crawl space, there will be no issues with your heating system as the cold air outside can't enter.
  • Prevention of Rodent inhabitation-
    Rodents seeking a safe refuge will enter your vents and nest in your insulation. As they establish their nests and reproduce, they wreak havoc on your insulation.
    Not only do these rodents eat your insulation, but they also leave behind droppings. Mold, mildew, rats, and mouse droppings festering in your crawl area should be reason enough to seal your vents.
  • Condensation- Condensation happens in your crawl space when warm, humid air enters your vents and collides with more excellent surfaces. Mold and mildew growth, as a result, poses a threat not only to your health but also to the structural integrity of your home, its insulation, and any belongings you may have kept nearby.

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