Stem Wall Damage Repair

The stem wall serves a vital role in protecting you. It lifts the building to shield it against flooding, pests, and moisture damage. However, when it gets damaged, it loses its protective function, leaving your house vulnerable.

At a time like this, it is necessary to repair your foundation or stem walls to safeguard your home effectively. Reach out to My Basement Pros for your crawl space or foundation issues. We have a list of local companies who can help you solve the issues.

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Signs of Stem Wall Damage and What to Do in the Situation?

Discovering cracks in your home can be unsettling. From drywall to concrete, these signs might indicate stem wall problems. Moreover, if you find any sloping floors, a leaning chimney, and more in your apartment it's an indication of foundation damage.

This can happen due to a stem wall or a sloping wall. If you spot these, it's time to address potential issues and seek professional help. A professional can identify the exact reason and help you stabilize the situation. This will provide you with a safe home. 

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Common Causes of Stem Wall Damage

Understanding the causes of stem wall damage is important to prevent future damage. This will also help you take steps before the damage happens. Some of the common causes of stem walls are given below. 

  • Foundation Issues
  • Heavy Storms
  • Water Damage
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Earthquakes
  • Extreme Heat
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Solution for Stem Wall Issues

Investing in stem wall repairs not only ensures the long-lasting stability of your home but also enhances its resale value. Apart from saving money, this proactive step prevents potential accidents, ensuring a safe environment for your home.

By repairing the stem wall, you are not just safeguarding your investment, you're creating a foundation with lasting security and value for your cherished home. Some of the preventive measurements are,

  • Waterproofing foundation
  • Epoxy injection & crack sealing
  • Proper drainage system
  • Soil stabilizing
  • Moisture control
  • Concreting sealing & resurfacing

Ensure Your Safety with My Basement Pros

Spotting cracks in your stem wall can be alarming. This is a concern for your structural integrity. At My Basement Pros, we have been working with a list of companies for many years.

They have the necessary expertise and equipment to effectively solve your foundation problem or any crawl space issues. Call us at 844-406-0501 to find your local contractor with us today. Use our zip code to find out your area.

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