Retrofitting and crawl space repair

Earthquakes Retrofitting & Crawl Space Repair

An earthquake is something that occurs without any warning. Thus, it would help if you were always prepared while ensuring a safe home. So, ensuring a strong foundation will prevent any structural damage. Thus, it's a wise move to take proactive measures against it. My Basement Pros is here to help you find the best local contractor who can protect your home from earthquakes.

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Crawl Space Damage After Earthquake

Earthquake leaves your home in a vulnerable state. Especially if your foundation is not secured properly. Foundation problems that occur after the earthquake,

  • Cracks in the floor or walls
  • Sloping floors, doors, and windows
  • Interior or exterior cracks
  • Cripple walls

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Home protection from earthquake

Protect Your Home from Earthquakes

Even a mild earthquake can be a threat to you and your home. Whenever the ground shakes or shifts it leaves your home in a vulnerable state. It can lead to structural damage in the future. Thus, it's better to do an inspection of your crawl space after any earthquake and take necessary steps against it. It will help you to ensure a safe home.

With seismic retrofitting, you can protect your home from earthquakes. It is a process that modifies your existing structure. Doing seismic retrofitting in your home will ensure that the foundation stays in place.

How Does Seismic Retrofitting Help?

  • Increased Safety: It reduces the risk of earthquake damage and reduces the chance of injuries.
  • Protects Investment: Seismic retrofitting allows you to prevent structural damages and reduce the repair cost.
  • Ensures Peace of Mind: It ensures peace of mind while giving your ultimate protection.
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