Crawl Space FAQ’s

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Crawl Space FAQ

Moisture in crawl space brings problems over and over again. Damp and wet conditions encourage wood rots like dry rot, which may affect the structural integrity of your home. Additionally, excessive moisture also promotes mold growth which is harmful to your family. Molds release mold spores in the crawl space air, which travels upwards and is inhaled by members living in the house.

Exposure to a moldy environment is linked to causing various health issues including wheezing, coughing, skin rash, throat irritation, sore eyes, cold/flu-like symptoms, and even induce allergic reactions in some. Furthermore, mold spores may complicate asthma and lung disease patients’ existing conditions.

A wet basement will inhabit problems like mold growth, moldy indoor air conditions, and wood rot in many cases. This can decrease your home’s resale value and you may even lose potential buyers. 

Many people choose dirt or ground as the flooring option of their crawl space. The soil underneath may allow moisture to seep through as soil may contain high content of water during rainy seasons. However, a waterproof crawl space is safe from this sort of effect.

Water and moisture can enter your crawl space in many ways such as:

  • through gaps or cracks in the foundation wall
  • surface water that redirects into the basement because of poor drainage
  • plumbing issues like leaking or dripping pipelines in the crawl space
  • moisture that seeps inside through the soil underneath as soil absorbs rainwater

Crawl spaces are dark, and damp areas where mold, insects, dust mites, and such thrive. My Basement Repair Pros provides an effective vapor barrier solution to end all of these problems from your basement. The system encapsulates your crawl space and prevents the entry of moisture.

A vapor barrier is a highly-engineered material that acts as a moisture barrier. It efficiently blocks moisture seeping from the ground, through the walls, vents, and more. Hence, keeping your crawl space and its contents free of mold, rodents, insects, and water leaks.

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