Keeping the Basement Dry in Your Area

A basement represents a huge amount of space in your home. When a basement is allowed to flood or grow mold, that valuable space is wasted. Even if your basement is free of flooding, it won't be used for storage or living space if it's damp, musty, and filled with mold. So the key to a quality foundation waterproofing project is to waterproof the space and keep it free of humidity.

My Basement Repair Pro is the go-to company in your area for keeping your basement dry by our expert professional contractors.

Strategies to Keep Your Basement Dry

Strategies to Keep Your Basement Dry
  • Waterproofing the Basement

    We recommend waterproofing the basement from the interior rather than the exterior. The professionals of My Basement Repair Pro have successfully installed interior systems in hundreds of thousands of homes.

    It is faster to install interior waterproofing and it is much less expensive, and more successful than exterior waterproofing systems. We also appreciate that there's no need to excavate the exterior of the home, which is damaging to landscaping and your yard. Finally, an interior system can be readily and easily serviced should there be any issue.

  • Installing a Backup Pump Pump System

    A sump pump system will stop working if you have one pump, and that pump stops working. A battery backup sump pump is your best line of defense against flooding due to sump pump failure.

    Additionally, our system includes an alarm, which will sound off to notify you that it's running. Our alarm can even be hooked into your home security system so you can be notified by a call on your cell phone!

  • Adding Waterproof Wall Panelling

    Our expert professionals have a wide variety of basement wall paneling available that can upgrade your basement walls. Our systems can be used on walls of all types, including block walls, stone walls, and uneven or "wavy" basement walls.

  • Installing Waterproof Flooring

    Installing waterproof basement flooring will do more than simply keep humidity from rising upwards from the concrete slab- it will also create a warmer, more attractive surface underfoot.

    Basement flooring can be installed and will create a thermal break on the basement floor, separating you from the cold concrete below. And instead of ugly, stained flooring, you can enjoy an attractive surface underfoot.

  • Dehumidify the Space

    A great way to finish off your basement space is to install an energy-efficient, self-draining basement dehumidifier. This is a great, low-maintenance way to ensure that your space is being kept dry, healthy, and ready for use and storage.

  • Regularly Maintain Your System

    We, at My Basement Repair Pro, recommend that you protect your investment by having a professional stop by once a year to clean & maintain your system. This helps to catch problems before they arrive, and ensures your system is running properly.

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