Water Guard Interior Basement Drainage System

The WaterGuard basement waterproofing system is an inside basement drainage system that is designed to efficiently handle your basement water problems. WaterGuard was designed to solve water issues without the risk of clogging from soils beneath the floor.

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Benefits of Water Guard in Basement Drainage System

Water Guard Interior Basement

Before it reaches your basement floor, WaterGuard successfully collects wall and floor leakage. Water enters the system through entrance holes and goes to your sump pump via the drainage line. The followings are some of the benefits of water guards in the basement drainage system.

  • To collect water from walls, a wall flange with a 3/8" aperture is included. There is no opening on the basement floor to allow dampness or garbage to enter the room.
  • Concrete block foundation walls can be waterproofed
  • Will not clog with mud

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