Fixing Window Well Drainage 

It's fantastic to have windows in the basement. They let in natural light, fresh air and can even be used as an emergency exit if correctly designed. Usually, there are window wells outside when there are windows in the basement. A window well allows for plenty of light and air while also a stiff barrier to keep soil out.

But what happens when the window well drainage system is improper? Well, if the drainage system of the window well needs fixing, that means water is not correctly going down the drain, and it must be getting in your basement! This is not uncommon. But if there is a drainage system issue in your window well, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Fixing window well drainage can become a headache if you don't seek professional help. For such critical jobs, rely on the efficient contractors of My Basement Pros. Find local contractors from your area by simply clicking on the link. For more information, contact us online, or you may also call us at 844-406-0501.

Window Well Drainage

What Happens If Your Window Well Drain Is Clogged?

A drain should be installed in every window well to escape the well and not build up because it causes a basement leak or flood. A window well should never fill with water if the drain is installed correctly and maintained. Some home builders may skip the gutters and install window wells without them. However, more often than not, the drains are there but clogged due to a lack of maintenance.

Finding and unclogging the drain is one approach to remedy a window well that is filled with water. Cleaning material from the drain's entrance usually is simple, but unclogging a drain that has grown clogged below the surface can be challenging. Of course, the ideal way is to install a window well cover, so there is no clogged drain.

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