Egress Windows Installation in Your Area

Install egress windows into your basement for a well-lit and safer environment. The law requires that if you intend to use the basement as a sleeping or living area, you should install egress windows to provide a quick exit point in case of an emergency. In addition, egress windows create inlets of natural light, thereby, immediately transforming a dark and stuffy basement into an airy and spacious living area.

My Basement Repair Pro offers complete egress window installations, in addition to total basement finishing services, in your area.

Benefits of Egress Windows

Benefits of Egress Windows

In simple terms, egress windows are emergency escape windows placed in the basement. Egress windows include the installation of window wells, giving you an easily opened window into the outside, large enough to allow a grown human being to pass through. Should there be a fire or other form of emergency that renders the basement door and passageway blocked, the egress window can be used as an alternate escape route.

Our professional contractors at My Basement Repair Pro will help you enhance safety and bring your building up to the required standards by completely and correctly installing your basement’s window wells and egress windows. Our egress window systems are of superior quality, which is further enhanced by top-notch workmanship during installation.

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Installation of Egress Windows by My Basement Repair Pro

Installation of Egress Windows

Egress window installation is a relatively easy process. The common steps to install an egress window include:

  • excavating the ground directly outside of your home where you would like the egress window installed
  • removing an area of your homes’ wall or foundation to frame and install the new egress windows (if you are replacing old windows with newer egress windows, you may have to increase the overall size of your windows to meet current egress window code standards; this may result in the need to reframe the window space of the windows you are replacing)
  • and, if installed in your basement, installing the window well with steps for emergency exit and safety

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