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Problems with Old Basement Windows

Problems with Old Basement Windows

Until now, the standards for basement windows haven’t been very high. Builders paid attention to windows in the main part of the house, but typically chose cheap steel or wood-framed windows for the basement. As a result, standard basement windows have some significant problems:

  • Cold Drafts and Poor Energy Performance - Old, single-pane basement windows allow cold winter drafts to enter the basement through leaks between the window frame and the rough opening. To make matters worse, a great deal of heat can escape by conduction through single-pane glass.
  • Difficult to Operate - Rusty or rotted window frames can make operable windows difficult to open and close.
  • Rusty or Rotted Frames - Steel-framed windows will always be prone to developing rust that degrades their appearance and function. Wood-frame basement windows suffer from rotted frames and peeling paint. This damage can turn basement windows into an eyesore.
  • Maintenance Required - Basement windows with wood or steel frames will always need regular maintenance (scraping, sanding, painting, renewing glazing) in order to look good and function properly.

Signs to Go for Old Basement Windows Replacement

There are several clear signs your basement windows need to be replaced:

  • Water Leakage - Water coming in the basement window will lead to mold, watermarks on the window’s sill, or even drywall damage. This is a serious problem and must be addressed ASAP to avoid a more extensive renovation caused by a water leak. It would be a good idea to silicone all the gaps around the window inside and outside and call us to assess the problem and maybe get the window replaced, properly insulated, and sealed.
  • Old Basement Windows Replacement
  • Operating Problem - It is difficult to open or close the basement window. This is usually caused by a warped frame or a poorly designed window. The closing issue puts your house’s security at risk and lets hot or cold air in. The opening issue makes it difficult to open it in the summertime to get the fresh air in.
  • Locking Problem - The lock is loose, not engaging, broken, or missing at all. This is a safety issue that also causes drafts because a closed lock also helps to seal the window.
  • Cold Drafts - They are common to old single-pane windows, windows with aluminum frames, and windows with minimum or no weather-stripping. This makes the coldest part of your house colder even if the windows are small.
  • Condensation - If it is persistent on the glass, it is usually a sign of a low energy-efficient window. Sometimes there is so much that it looks like water leaking through a basement window and damages the materials around the window. It also helps to spread mold, which is never good.
  • Mold - This is a signal that your old windows are not energy efficient and you have condensation on the windows all the time for the mold to start growing. This might be harmful to your interior, furniture, and personal items. It also makes the air unpleasant and moldy.
  • Rotted or Rusty Frames - The exposed metal or wooden parts of the windows that start to deteriorate not only look bad but also are the first signs of a failing window. The new, all vinyl windows do not have those problems and are guaranteed for a lifetime.

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